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tv   [untitled]    August 17, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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and concern of both the parties have shown to neighbors that i have shoen seen and their contact with the parents. their communication with the parents and their understanding with the parents as to their place in the neighborhood i for one when we teach children we get contact information from parent we have meetings are parent and parent chiropractor fully in whatever place we work i work with folks in hunters point we have folks that bring folks from all kinds of walks it takes a village we need to keep children in san francisco it's important this model program be
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able to be reciprocated in other neighborhoods i appreciate our consideration and i hope you'll give every opportunity for this facility to include more children and to condition working the way it don't tough >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, i'm speaking as a parent of the child that attended the san francisco anyone sar from 2009 to 12 evidentially i relocated and had to find childcare for they 3-year-old son at the time, it was critically stressfully situation for working parent and it was a godsend when i found san francisco academy they were located two blocks a 5 minute walk from my house.
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and, you know, is it fair to say a wonderful experience my son one of the important thing was that it was in a safe area i could walk my child to and from school i would walk him to school get ready for work and drive home and be able to go and walk and pick him up and have that time together. as the previous speakers have said not all daefr and preschools are the same i'm an educator i'm impressed with the preparation that my son had there as we went into kindergarten he was more than prepared that experience game confidence as a student he's in
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third grade i remembers his preschool experience and asked if he can go back and visit the classrooms and teach the preschoolers something i'm in support of, you know, more families being able to have this similar experience that my son was able to have. i know someone brought up the issue of the costs of school childcare if you're a working parent its also a struggle, you know, to decide to keep working to pay the childcare are not work and then what you do irreverent till when i first moved to san francisco we were actually paying more money at another academy and that was
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actually a far, far less idealic experience when i found this place it made my life much more willing to want to stay in the city with my family thank you. thank you. next speake thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is lisa i live across in the project - property. the house up the street. i have been living there since late 1970 i enjoy the neighborhood very much. but i oppose the conditional use
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permit and alliance because of first, the commercial nature of the proposal use the school is for profit for business. they should go to business district to do business. besides san francisco has lots of commercial space available and there's no circumstances to force them to stay in the residential neighborhood. second, if so proposal is
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approved there will be many more children coming out and in of the neighborhood the traffic is going to be effected. every families most families has two or three cars already and adding some more traffic to their neighborhood is real detrimental to the height, the safety and the enjoyment of the people live in the neighborhood. so i respectfully request you deny this project. and preserve our residential
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neighborhood as originally decided for. thank you for your consideration >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is katherine wong my home is located 4 houses away from the project site 1532nd avenue i'm strongly opposed to the change of use for the project site. it will have a negative impact to our neighborhood. i anticipate a significant increase in traffic, noise,
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double-parked cars and blocking driveways i can only imagine with 36 families pouring ♪ the rush hour everyday. my neighborhood and i choose those homes in this block because it is peaceful and quiet residential area. whether we are raising our families or spending our retirement days we've worked extremely hard to pay mortgage and property tax. that will be unjudicious to impose those changes. it will effect our quality of living we've all investment.
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i strongly urge the owner of the project site to look at other sites if they want to expand their business. it's of changing the appearance of the block and putting the burden to the neighbors. thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm juan and he live three houses from the proposed project and i've been dealing with parking and blocking my driveway for many years this project is too huge for our neighborhood and street most of our houses were built by
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two architect and this particular project is too big for this area. we prison invest our future to live in this particular street most of us. and we never envisioned that we are would end up the years we have left in our life facing traffic, arguing with people that are parking in front of your property. this is a project that belongs in a commercial site. not next to our house. i iceberg you to take into consideration all the comments that we have presented to you and oppose this particular project thank you very much
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>> thank you. next speaker. i'll call more names (calling names). >> just start speaking it will come up. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is roslyn. i strongly oppose the conditional use and variance application of san francisco anyone sorry academy the neighborhood doesn't need a large for profit care facility there are seven hundred preschoolers in the outside of san francisco. since this is a residential area i want the childcare facility to continue to serve up to 12 prirlz this academy is on 32
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avenue of the houses that are historic district homes to convert a self-same dwelling for a large for profit facility will defeat the historic designation to have a large for profit facility in the mirandized of the block will industry even though history and character of that area. granting the conditional use and variance application for san francisco anyone sorry academy sets the dangerous precedent lose any family in an rh1 residential zone to file for a conversion for a nonresidential for profit academy severing
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everything s serving up to you 36 kids what's to stop and file an operation for a change of use to a non-residential for profit facility instead of with an childcare facility the residents can find itself with potentially two or three are more facilities you heard that san francisco the academy desires to expand in captivity but a fellow neighbor who hospital not yet spoken about speak about their desire to purchase other property on this block. the result is that granting the conditional use and variance b low greatly and adversely impact
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the neighborhood the adverse of impacts has far-reaching consequences and effects on other streets and neighborhoods for all san francisco districts. there's an overwhelming opposition to the childcare facility go people residing on 31st avenue >> thank you, ma'am your time is up. >> so - and next speaker please thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm michael robinson on 32nd avenue lot they'd looking open little south side of the monetary school i'm
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opposed to this conditional use the plans submitted the building plans submitted were incorrect the bay as extend further the new back stairs for the exit from the building actually permit people to look directly into my bedroom window and the window below on the first floor would you accept this. single-family homes are designed to have 2 to 8 occupant it's not large for 36 children and 6 to 10 staff members. on several occasions people have asked to purchase my house to rent it and also on the north side lot 36 i believe.
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it's already noisy when children at the preschool whether on the inside you can here the music and movies being played for the children and it's noisy for my neighborhoods too. those plans don't include any kind of sound progressively inside or out. and your neighborhood parking essentially it set up as one spot for each house on the block mr. kline's letter says they use 3 spaces without the expansion in place pr that variance this parking variance will be moving another one or two parking spaces in the white zone
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depending on how it's laid auto this will leave space to park in front of my house without blocking the entrance to my garage and driveway. when you factor in the parking for the staff and the parents this reduce street park and not included are the transfer appointments and the elementary staff and the after school staff for myself and other neighbors that signed the port commission petitions objecting to the project i ask you to deny this where both requests thank you, thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, everyone. commissioners. my name is is a commissioner
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earl lynn louie we live across the street from the project. i want to bring to your attention loving ton middle school is located one block away age over 6 thousand students and staff they've got no parking for that site. so in the past we've had teachers parking in front of our house all day from 7 to 6 clock the picture open the screen is not what it is when you come out when loving ton school starts there's a parking situation on our block i want to show you a picture we already have difficulty with double-parked cars parked cars blocking the driveway and double-parked cars
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picking up the students it's not the picture they've showed you it's not reality if you come out with lofton school is in session there's limited parking and also there are many elderly people that live here my mom and dad are over 80 years old they walk up and down the block i've concerned with the elderly people trying to cross the street when lofton let's out and let's out in the afternoon there's a parade of kids and parents and grandparents down 37 and with the addition of 36 people an additional of the cars coming cross it's a safety and hazard we're concerned about. no foubl double they have a
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wonderful school we applaud them for that but we're not here to decide how great of a school they are we don't want 36 students that's a 2 hundred percent increase of noise, traffic, pollution if the cars are idling wade for the students and having the elderly walking up and down the street experiencing their breathing and for the safety and health of our neighbor please deny this >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm sheryl morgan and i am a mother and wanted to speak in support of the kline's increasing their number of children at their school. as a mom i had a back injury when my son was about a year old
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and so boy not in my cloys i had to have the a daefr i found the kline's but the thing i want to talk about is quality and the immense defense dispondcy i had after reviewing about three or four facilities in the sunset i was pretty much in despair i had to leave my boy but you could not see myself leaving him in one of those plays they were not terrible, terrible but not ideal when i found the kline's an amazing loving environment i thought it was too good to be true but it was true my son thrilled there the loving
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authority in which they run their facility i can't say enough you've heard that. the primary is very important we live in the city we want to stay in the city and have our children at the schools in the city and the preschool prepares them to excel so be socially readies for kindergarten the kline's offer an enumeration service to families in san francisco. by having their school and i hope you'll approve so they'll have more families thank you. >> hi good afternoon. my name is is monica i'm a children services manager at the local pub library i'm here to speak in support of the san francisco
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monetary academy i've had an opportunity to visit other sites this is one of the finest childcare facilities the positive attitudes and the details of this school from the well established curriculum. the owners visit our bachelor branch to pick up a fresh selection of many books this is one of the dictations it's a repeated and deserved winner of the best of the best in the parents magazine and an asset to the greater community. positive impact of allowing this exemplar school far out weighs
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the expansion permitting the expansion will have a lasting and positive impacts on the lives of the alleged children able to attend this school as well as the greater community. i've been there when people were being picked up from the school it doesn't happen all at once it's a staggered it is not - i actually work near a school not like a traffic jam. anyway thank you very much i hope you approve it >> good afternoon i understand it's been a long day i want to thank you for your patience i'm andrew i live across the street from the daefr center and been there for 24 years the reason i'm here i'm concerned about the
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children going to the daefr center let me share with you a couple of things we have no parking on the street for 3 reasons there are most people living in each house for cars second some neighbors have converted their basement into other purposes the daefr center has no parking garage the sponsor as a white toyota truck and late model bmw and others vehicles it blocks the center so he packs his car's on the streets like most of our neighborhoods. the second the third reason the elementary school on 31st avenue and during school years the staff of the school and the take
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care of the school use our street from parking from 7 to 5 or 6. so very often there's no parking and since i live across the street i can outcome the operation of the center i've been retired for 10 years so when parents have no partially what do they do they park in front or across they let the children anti sometimes on the driver's side of the door and sometimes they jaywalk across the street. in wintertime when it's dark stormy weather it's worse. every time i watch that i say wait a minute i don't want thinning anything to happen if the commission approves this expansion plan the number will
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increase 2 hundred percent so, please help us our neighborhood not to put anymore kids at risk. thank you. >> thank you is there any additional public comment ? >> hi my name is david armor i'm here for another matter but i want to share an anecdote i sent my daughter to another neighborhood preschool that operated under a conditional use authorization the mists verytively managed traffic, the children and neighbor concerns and one of the things they also said to us as parent were you have to follow the rules otherwise we can losses and
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conditional use authorization they stressed this is not by a blanket permanent authorization it could be revoked and other schools want to be founded that on that block it's not american people open-door policy. so i had a really good experience having neighborhood school is really valuable and i support the application >> thank you. >> hello, i'm henry i live directly behind the anyone sorry school between the school and we share the backyards of the area. i live on - i say congratulations to the previous
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speaker who habitation reached 80 years of age and my dad has reached 90 hedidn't mind the barking dog on the other side of the street and the students of the school during recess times they're quite loud but he didn't a hadn't claimed but my concern if this school is being populated twice over it may perturb it's livelihood so i'm all for the money try school expanding elsewhere they produce successful, you know, dimensions but i'm against them expanding
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in this particular area. thank you. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment? oak seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini >> yeah. i have a question for project sponsor. it's going to be in regards to the make up of the there are 36 students proposed maximum and i understand that 18 are from two to three and the other 18ful from 3 and a half to have is there a staggering or are they there at the same time >> there are - >> okay. it seems like having grandchildren and having kids in preschool they have